"What's your style?"

Our Mission is to be the leader in the market delivering the best value, originality and taste for our fellow enthusiasts. We are consistently stocking the best are largest variety of  GM and Ford Licensed Emblems. This allows us to offer a diverse variety of steering wheel kit choices. Our Steering wheels are crafted from only the best materials which include premium leathers and real wood finished grips. Most of our hub adapters are made from billet aluminum and are anodized for that perfect finish. We have correct fitments for various cars and can give you the flexibility to create a kit to your style. 

Our S6 Series comes in Premium Leather (Colors Varies) , Perforated Leather (Red Stitch Available), Ultralux Suede or Wood Grips (Black Ash & Mahogany  and have a variety of spoke types and colors (Black, Aluminum & Chrome)

Our S9 Series comes in Premium Black Leather and Wood Grips (Black Ash & Walnut)  and have a variety of spoke types which include three or four spoke slot, holes and solid designs.

Our OE Series offers the best reproduction steering wheel kits for Ford and GM. What sets us apart from all the other company's is that we are a one shop stop. All our kits come with complete hardware and is ready for direct install