NXT Parts
"Quality After Market & Restoration Parts"

NXT Parts is the fastest growing retailer for classic car restoration. We are an authorized dealer of Auto Pro USA products. We specialize in providing quality parts for Chevy , Pontiac , Ford , Mopar and VW. NXT Parts offers parts in various programs which include a steering wheel , exhaust , interior , exterior , suspension and electrical programs. Not only do we offer quality parts but we also offer competitive pricing on all our product. We pride ourselves on customer service and fast shipping turn around.


Whether you are searching for a single aftermarket upgrade or if you are looking to make wholesale changes to your classic car, the fine folks at AutoPro USA are here to help! In addition to offering a wide array of top-of-the-line car parts, AutoPro USA’s reverse engineering capabilities are virtually unmatched by anyone in the business. AutoPro USA can engineer almost anything in the automotive industry without assistance of outside sources. Between its state-of-the-art polyurethane and fabrication/CAD-CAM units, AutoPro USA has the ability to tackle most projects from start to finish, while keeping everything in-house!

AutoPro USA’s manufacturing and restoration capabilities have helped the company establish a reputation for producing quality automotive parts. If you are looking to spruce up your car’s interior, AutoPro USA would love to help. AutoPro USA offers a wide selection of premium dash pads, arm rest pads, as well as steering wheels, which are available in multiple different models and colors. Your car’s interior should be designed to best fit your needs, and AutoPro USA is ready to help give you the interior that you want!

If you are looking for more robust upgrades to your vehicle, AutoPro USA offers a wide selection of steering, suspension, and exhaust system parts. If your car’s exhaust is not what it used to be, AutoPro USA provides a plethora of different systems to best fit your particular vehicle. Additionally if your suspension and steering systems do not feel right while you are driving, they offers a number of aftermarket upgrades that will help you capture all of your car’s potential on the open roadway.

VOLANTE Steering Wheels

After many years of making sharp turns and whipping around those windy back roads, your original steering wheel could eventually run its course. Operating a car with a tight or worn out steering wheel is not only tiresome, but will hinder many of your vehicle’s performance capabilities. Upgrading your interior with a steering wheel from Volante will help your car reach its full potential on the open road, while easing the turning and maneuvering tasks to levels that you only experienced when you drove your car off of the lot for the first time. Switching to a Volante steering wheel will not only allow you to drive more effectively, but you will also make your car’s interior the envy of your friends and family.

NXTStep Performance

NXT STEP PERFORMANCE INC. specializes in high performance stainless steel exhaust systems for GM and Ford markets with buyers found around the world. All of our systems are made using the highest quality materials available to the market with most being manufactured using high grade stainless steel. All systems are mandrel bent for maximum flow and power. All of NXT STEP PERFORMANCE INC. systems are designed and tested to meet our high standards for sound quality, fitment and performance before they are brought to the streets or the track. We continue to develop and bring new systems to the industry with great fan fare from our customers and dealers. Our product line includes everything from performance axle back systems to full race header back systems. We also are proud to say that when we advertise a system as T-304 stainless steel the complete exhaust system is made of this material including the flanges. NXT STEP PERFORMANCE, INC. systems come with a limited lifetime warranty against material and manufacturing defects (see terms below) so buy our product with the idea of this is the last exhaust upgrade you’ll ever make while you own your vehicle.